Billund Airport

Billund Airport is municipally owned, but run as a private company. Since our opening in 1964, Billund Airport has made the accessible. (I am not sure I understand this sentence, made what accessible)

2019 was a year of records at Billund Airport, with direct access to 100 destinations, and more than 540 one-stop destinations, with 3,7 million passengers passing through the terminal, 74.000 tons air cargo, 4000 employees, and we created an annual gross domestic product effect of 19,5 billion Dkr.

The future is expectedly similar. In 2040 we expect 7 million passengers to pass through the terminal and 160.000 tons of air cargo, but future air transport needs to evolve sustainably as the future involves flight.

As well as the entire air transport sector, Billund Airport is dependent on sustainable aviation, and the solution is clean jet fuel. This is the purpose of the Airport’s participation in the Triangle Energy Alliance. We wish to show, that airlines at Billund Airport are prepared to use clean jet fuel as soon as it is available.

The path to sustainable aviation is made in collaboration with the energy industry.

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