Gateway to sustainable e-fuels

Triangle Energy Alliance is an ambitious collaboration centered in the heart of Denmark, the Triangle Area. Energy facility operators, specialists, and seven visionary municipalities seek to pave the way for sustainable e-fuels based on Power to X-technologies. The Triangle Area is defined by the ultimate production, distribution, transport and energy infrastructure, which is a golden opportunity to lead the transformation to sustainable fuels based on wind and solar power.

Partners Vision

Partnership of Triangle Energy Alliance

The synergies between our visionary partners is the backbone of our alliance.


Surplus of wind and solar power

In a sustainable future we need to transition our energy sector, aviation, cargo, and household consumption away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. The demand for wind and solar power will rise immensely in the future, and we are responsible for efficient utilization of common resources.

Consumer demand for electrical power varies through the days and nights, but Power to X and derived technologies awards an opportunity to store power in green fuels for later purposes.

Cross sector synergies

By-products of one energy production process may be a valuable commodity for another. Therefore, several companies in the Triangle Area aim to collaborate to refine products to individual and shared benefit. Collaboration in this context makes energy production and utilization even more resource and cost-efficient. Increasing the potential of new, sustainable energy products.

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Ideal regional infrastructure

Distribution and energy demand through history developed the central region of Denmark with the ideal energy infrastructure for production and distribution of liquid and gas fuels, which the Triangle Energy Alliance aims to develop and repurpose for the largest possible scale production and distribution of green energy for households and business consumption

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