Fredericia Spildevand

Fredericia Spildevand & Energi A/S (FRSE) is an innovative company that operates one of Denmark’s largest wastewater treatment plants. Through more than 1,000 kilometres of sewer pipes, we transport approximately 10 million cubic metres of wastewater and rainwater from citizens and businesses to the central treatment plant every year. The treated wastewater is discharged into the Little Belt Sea through a 600 meter long pipeline at a depth of 26 meters in the shipping channel. Environmentally awareness compells us to constantly develop and improve our cleaning processes.

The treatment plant at Røde Banke has a capacity of 420,000 person equivalents. The plant is dimensioned to both support the many large industrial and manufacturing companies already based in Fredericia Municipality and ensure continued city development.

Wastewater is a resource, and today we produce biogas from our wastewater sludge, which is converted into electricity and district heating. The residual product from the biogas is used as agricultural fertilizer, and a small part of the treated wastewater is sold after further treatment as technical water for flushing.
However, the potential is far greater, and our ambition is to utilize all our water in industrial processes and repurpose the wastewater sludge into fuels.
This way, after further treatment steps, our effluent water can substitute parts of the groundwater resource, and after a pressurized thermal process and refining our sludge can support a green transport sector with a new bio-oil product.

Fully recycling all our effluent and sludge will ease the pressure on our groundwater resources, contribute to the phasing out of fossil fuels in the transportation sector, contribute to the green transition, and reduce our environmental and climate impact.
We can’t solve such complex tasks alone, which is why we join partnerships and participate in development projects in collaboration with educational institutions and companies.

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