EUC Lillebælt

EUC Lillebælt hosts the national Danish center for knowledge on process technology. We support competence development within businesses and educates future technical labor force, which can increase the recruiting opportunities for both new and more seasoned employees at other Triangle Energy Alliance partner companies.

Energy optimization and green energy transition with Power to X-technologies will require skilled workers with specialist knowledge and expertise in all technical areas. The main focus areas of the Knowledge Center at EUC Lillebælt are:

  • Warehouse – Logistics – Crane
  • Blacksmith
    The blacksmith training is revised to suit necessary skills for the green energy transition with a focus on competencies that make it possible to carry out complex plant constructions, pressure-bearing pipe systems with associated assembly, operation with service and maintenance and repair to ensure efficient and optimal production.
  • Industrial & Process Operator
    The process operator training is expanded with a new “Green energy transition specialization”, which is entails caretaking of production, maintenance, and optimization.

When new Power to X-facilities are installed and the infrastructure is developed, it must all be kept in efficient operation and maintained. In the context of Triangle Energy Alliance, the exchange of knowledge between cooperating partners will leed to valuable results in the continued development of the green energy transition and ensure the best possible return on investment for the company owners and society.

At EUC Lillebælt, we are very aware that our students, apprentices and trainees wishes to engage in the green energy transition. That is why we work to make our educations and courses better day by day by maintaining equally valuable relationships with companies and partners. This choice of purpose, will expectedly help many more young people open their eyes to the good career and further education opportunities offered by vocational schools in relation to the green energy transition.

EUC Lillebælt is centrally located in the Triangle Area, close to the New Little Belt Bridge, with its own school building, which offers 130 single rooms.

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