Vejle Kommune

The city of Vejle is determined to reduce carbon emissions with 70% by 2030 compared to emissions in 1990, and net zero emissions by 2050. This is declared in our Climate Plan, and decided December 2020. To reach our goals, action is required on every level, from collaboration with agriculture on new types of stock feed, reservation of marsh areas, deployment of charging stations for electric cars, to strategic energy planning.

We joined the Triangle Energy Alliance to claim grounds on our climate goals. Through our  TEA partnership, we will receive more green surplus heat in our district heating system, through collaborations we shift the balance to green fuels for individual transportation and heavy goods. Including aviation, and we create the basis of the next business endeavour in the Triangle Area.

As co-owner of TVIS and Energnist and as we are a centrally placed city in growth with noticeable climate ambitions, we have great interest in a strong TEA partnership, which brings climate, energy, and business potential in relation to technological advances in Power to X.

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