Green Hydrogen Systems

Green Hydrogen Systems is a leading supplier of modular built electrolysis installation for green hydrogen production solely based on sustainable energy. With a long aray of possible uses, green hydrogen is an important part of an ongoing, basic transition of our energy systems towards net zero emissions by 2050. The demand for green hydrogen is on the rise, which requires a significant upscale of electrolysis capacity.

The company was founded in 2007 and is based on more then 10 years of technological development, so to this day we have a commercially viable and cost efficient electrolysis technology approved by leading wind power companies.

Green Hydrogen Systems combines extremely efficient, standardised, and modular electrolysis technology with production capability on site to deliver competitative green hydrogen to fuel station producers, hydrogen to Power to X- facilities, industrial facilities, and much more. Our technology is already in operation on several sites in Europe, and the demand from an OEM-segment heavily on the rise have our particular focus for future growth.

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