It is the vision of Ørsted to create a world entirely running on green energy. Ørsted develops, builds, and operates sea and land wind turbine parks, and bioenergy, solar, and energy storage facilities, and supply our own customer base with energy products. In 2021, Ørsted was named the worlds most sustainable energy company.


Ørsted owns and operates seven central heat and powerplants, that produces electricity and district heating primarily on wood pellets and wood chips. By 2023, coal wil be phased out of all our heat and powerplants.

In october 2017, a new wood chip fuels unit was inaugurated at Skærbækværket in Fredericia. Skærbækværket produces district heating entirely without fossil fuels, and delivers volumes of district heating equivalent to the demand of 60.000 houses in Fredericia, Kolding, Middelfart, and Vejle. At the same time, the powerplant produces electricity equivalent to the demand of about 70.000 houses.

Skærbækværket only uses certified, sustainable wood chips, which are residuals sourced from sustainably maintained production forests with strict considerations for ecosystems, biodiversity, and carbon emissions.

The production of future green fuels requires large volumes of carbon from sustainable and biogenic sources, which carbon capture technology can source from the emissions of the wood chip fueled heat and powerplant. As the heat and power plant is placed in the Triangle Area, it is advantageously connected to the electricity and heat grid, which offers a unique opportunity to develop Skærbækværket as an energy park with carbon capture and power to X-production.

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