H2 Energy was established in 2014 with a vision of being a positive force towards a sustainable future. Our aim is that hydrogen from renewable energy sources becomes a main pillar in our energy systems. H2 Energy was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, and draws on many years of experience in hydrogen production, the manufacture and installation of hydrogen filling stations, and the development of hydrogen trucks.

H2 Energy is building a 1GW hydrogen plant in Esbjerg, andnext step is the acquirement of a plot of land in Taulov near Fredericia for the distribution of hydrogen from central Denmark. H2 Energy expects that a hydrogen pipeline from Esbjerg to Fredericia will soon be able to transport the hydrogen, and believes that Taulov is one of the best places in Denmark to create the framework for the integration of supply, production and distribution of green fuels.

The Triangle area is also being established as Denmark’s new green energy center. H2 Energy would like to help our common ambitions further to make the Triangle area and Fredericia a hub for green transport sector transitions.

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