Crossbridge Energy A/S

Crossbridge Energy A/S is owned by Postlane Partners based in Stamford, USA, with subsidiaries in Houston, Odessa, Fort Wayne, and Calgary, Bordeaux in France, and Fredericia, and Copenhagen.

The company has portfolio assets in North America and Europe valued at more than 900 million US dollars equivalent to 5,5 billion Dkr.

Crossbridge Energy operates the refinery in Fredericia including Trading & Supply activities that will lead the refinery towards a greener future with an ambition of being carbon neutral in 2035.

Crossbridge Energy continues the development of clean hydrogen, advanced biofuels, and co-processing sustainable raw materials, and we continue to research the further possibilities of advanced biofuel production.

Crossbridge Energy continues to collaborate with Everfuel on the installment of a 300 MW electrolysis and power to X facility neighbouring the refinery that will produce hydrogen of sustainable energy sources.

The refinery in Fredericia is already the thirdmost efficient refinery in the world, first in Europe, and the largest supplier of surplus heat to district heating in Denmark.

The refinery produces about 35% of Danish demand for fuels and has an equivalent export volume through the port terminal in Fredericia.  Crossbridge Energy A/S has 240 employees.

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