Process Engineering

Process Engineering are consulting engineers servicing and advising process industry on reconstructions and greenfield investments. We are a Danish owned business with offices in Fredericia, Aalborg, Aarhus, Sorø, Copenhagen, and Oslo.

Your energy business partner

We are very experienced with energy sector projects. We have been involved in a number of sustainable energy projects, energy optimization, and reuse of disposable materials, where we utilise well known processes in new ways to develop projects and technologies. We are onboard all through the process of conceptual development, engineering, construction, and to commissioning process facilities.

Power to X technologies are new territory. We have developed process design of the first eMethanol facility in Denmark, that converts hydrogen and carbon to eMethanol. For many years we have also gained experience with carbon capture, as Denmark is one of the market-leading suppliers of these technologies. 

We are aware of our shared responsibilities to take care of the world, we inhabit, and naturally involve Sustainable Globals Goals in our initiatives, and participate in projects, which reduce carbon footprint. For instance, conversion of waste to liquid biogas, reuse of resources, and fuels for future transportation vehicles.

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