TVIS is a collaboration across municipalities, district heating companies, and local industries, and for 35 years we have ensured stable distribution of district heating by use of local energy resources as efficiently and environmentally conscientious as possible.

TVIS is responsible for agreements with local companies that can provide larger volumes of surplus heat to our grid so that the demand of our four owner municipalities is covered. We also own and operate the main artery of district heating transmission in the Triangle Area, which consists of 123-kilometer pipelines connected to nine district heating companies in the four cities.

We ensure green and stable heating by immense planning, heat market analysis, efficiency improvements, and investments in green technologies. We perform our own smaller and larger maintenance of pumps, heat exchangers, and pipes, to use the energy as efficiently as possible. This ensures very high stability and low consumer costs.

The Triangle Area already has a far-reaching district heating system, and TVIS has formed close and equally advantageous cooperation with local energy companies, and when we in the future use surplus heat from power to x-technologies, we refine the business case for all involved parties.

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