Airco Process Technology A/S was established in 2020 as a AircoDiet subsidiary, which has designed and installed advanced process facilities all over the world since 1986. The specialists at Airco Process Technology have more than 120 years of experience between them designing process technologies, and the company is off to a flying start.

Next-generation biogas and carbon capture technologies

Our main purpose is to design technologies that support future carbon capture strategies, and to deliver highly efficient upgrade solutions with optimal use of resources. We focus on efficient next-generation design and solutions with low environmental impact. As a supplier of an array of technological solutions, we are paving the way for greentech industry competitiveness free of subsidies.

The first facility is being built in the city of Kliplev in the South of Jutland, which will be one the largest biogas facilities in Denmark. The facilities will ensure that approximately 9 tons of biogas will be upgraded every hour and be distributed through the gas grid with minimal methane emissions, which is of the highest priority.

Future technologies and patents

Airco Process Technology designs amin based upgrading facilities or water scrubbing technologies for the purpose of capturing carbon for use in other green technologies, for instance, Power to X, technologies for liquid biogas manufacturing, and SlipRex which reduces methane emissions from existing upgrade facilities.

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