Vejen Kommune

Energy is central in Vejen. In our strategy for economic growth by 2025 we are focused on collaborations between businesses and authorities to create best possible conditions for growth and resilience.

Together with our local businesses we have defined clear milestones regarding sustainability, and still maintain an eye on the bottom line.

Our aim is, that companies in the city of Vejen works on Sustainability Goals. In our department of procurement and supply we work to increase the number of local companies who bid on municipal demand and supply agreements.

Sustainability and climate priorities are rooted in a number of specific initiatives. For instance, the city of Vejen is a strategic center for the Viking Link-project in Revsing. The project consists of two 700 MW direct current transmission lines to England and a conversion station near Revsing.

In our official Cityplan a preperation for a third biogas facility. Furthermore, there are plans for 650 hectare solar cell plants

We have many transports and logistical companies in Vejen, and their terms for business are on our minds. In that regard, we are also focused on future fuels.

We are ambitious in Vejen to ensure that businesses have the best possible opportunities for growth and stable supply infrastructure. This is why the city of Vejen is at the top of business climate research from SMVDanmark and DI.

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