Energnist is West Denmark’s largest waste energy company owned by 16 municipalities, 940,000 inhabitants, and 65,000 companies. We solve an environmental task by handling the waste that is currently not suitable for recycling in an environmentally sound manner.

Energnist’s two waste energy plants are located in Kolding and Esbjerg, and the administration is located in Herning. In addition, Energnist is a co-owner of the waste energy plant, Måbjergværket, in Holstebro.

Carbon capture at waste energy plants

As a possible future supplier of carbon to Power to X, Energnist is working to establish carbon capture at the waste energy plants in Kolding and Esbjerg. This is done to support the national agreements on carbon emission reductions of 70% by the year 2030.

Energnist views the Triangle Energy Alliance partnership as an important arena for sparring on Energnist’s current and future work with carbon capture.

The strength of the partnership is the sector link, as Energnist and the partner companies work together across the board, so residuals product from a company finds its value at another company.

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