Fredericia Kommune

The ambitions of Fredericia, is to become the energy center of Denmark and to make a recognizable impact on solutions for a sustainable future. This requires resolution and solutions forged in close collaboration among companies, associations, citizens, and municipality. All of us.

The City Council of Fredericia agreed on our Climate Plan in unison. The plan defines how high ambitions becomes specific actions enabling us to live up to the Paris Agreement and a net zero society by 2050. A plan involving all of us, because that is the only way to succeed.

Fredericia is the base of many industry-leading corporations. Industry emits more than half of the city’s carbon emissions. So, many of the actions described in the Climate Plan regards how to maintain sustainable business growth in companies. As a traffic junction, there is massive potential in the transport sector clean energy transition, which will solve some of the issues of an increase in transport vehicles in traffic. Especially heavy goods transport. The solution, among several things, is a hydrogen production facility to supply the transport sector. the largest hydrogen factory is being built in Fredericia next to our existing refinery. In phase one, a 20 MW electrolysis and Power to X-facility is being built ready for production in 2022.

The future is bright, partly because of driven companies – especially in the field of climate and energy.

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