Region Syddanmark

In the Region of Southern Denmark, we must make an ambitious contribution to the green transition. The climate is under pressure and our resources are limited. The consequences of our actions can be felt not only globally but also locally.

We take responsibility for net zero emissions of greenhouse gases in the Region of Southern Denmark by 2050. This will be achieved, among other things, through an energy-efficient system based on renewable energy and energy-saving solutions. We must build on existing initiatives and invite partnerships that involve citizens, companies, municipalities and educational and research institutions in the region across supply lines and geographical boundaries – including the Danish-German one – to find common regional climate solutions.

When the Region of Southern Denmark is a member of the Triangle Energy Alliance, TEA, it is because the goal of the regional climate strategy is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the geography of southern Denmark through energy strategic partnerships. It is also the task of the Region of Southern Denmark to contribute to TEA’s work by linking the PtX-activities in the Triangle area with all the other PtX energy-initiatives that take place in the Region of Southern Denmark. For example in Esbjerg, on Funen, in Southern Jutland and in our Danish / German collaboration.

By ensuring the connection from TEA to the other relevant PtX initiatives in the region, we can achieve an even stronger energy system.

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