Nature Energy

Nature Energy is a world leading specialist in the conversion process of thousands of tons of biowaste and biomass to green and carbon neutral gas, in the most efficient way. We collect biowaste from agriculture, companies, and households and return the fertilizer substances to agriculture, to be recycled in to new food products. It is circular economy at its best. At the same time we ensure that local communities have fewest possible issues with increased traffic or smell.

Nature Energy is already heavily invested in new green solutions, but our ambitions are even greater. This is why, we are intensifying our investments in research, for instance at our own laboratory at our main office in Odense. Research is carried through to refine technologies, which allows us to use even more potential energy from biowaste, and create even better fertilizers for agriculture. We also research in new forms of biowaste, that may develop even more green and carbon neutral energy in the future.

Our ambitions are especially to show the way for green transition with farmers, companies, and citizens beyond Denmark. In the years to come, Nature Energy will invest in new, larger biogas facilities in other European countries and North America.

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