Bunker Holding Group

Bunker Holding is a global market leader in trading, hedging and supply of fuel to the maritime industry, and we have a clear ambition to be the preferred partner – for both present and future energy types.

The global community has spent the last century building up a dependence on fossil fuels, as well as developing an extensive infrastructure around it. Now we have to do it all over again, for several different sustainable fuel types at once, and much faster than the last transition. This will be a major challenge, requiring political backing and close cooperation across industries.
Our mission at Bunker Holding is to support increased availability of – and infrastructure around – sustainable fuels for the maritime industry. Basically, this means affording access to sustainable fuels as easy and simple as possible for our customers.

Our approach to this includes engaging in projects that aim to produce sustainable fuels, such as green methanol and ammonia. This is often done in collaboration with partners from different parts of the value chain to bring a broad insight to the project and increase the chance of realisation.

The Triangle Energy Alliance provides the perfect framework for this type of collaboration, and we look forward to work with the project partners and contribute to sustainable growth and development in the Triangle Area.

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