ABB is a leading global technology company enabling societal and industrial transformative development to achieve a more productive and sustainable future.

PtX will play an important role in a sustainable future, where the mix of energy sources to a greater and greater extent will be based on renewable energy sources. ABB contributes to solutions of energy storage in the best possible way, which allows use of energy on demand, rather than by energy availability.

ABB has extensive experience and knowledge from the current energy sector, especially the district heating sector where surplus heat from PtX, for instance, can be used for district heating. Our experience with electrical power systems integration as well as our deep process and safety knowledge from the oil and gas segment, for instance, strengthen our abilities to develop and optimize PtX-solutions. At ABB, we see PtX and sector integration as two sides of the same coin, and we can deliver the technical solutions that conjoin the partners’ expertise and business areas.

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