TOWII Renewables a/s

TOWII Renewables A/S is a company founded in 2022 and committed to the green transition.

We develop wind-, solar- and soon also battery parks onshore. Our geographical scope currently entails Danmark, but we will also engage in project development internationally as well. Today we own 55 MW of onshore wind located in the West of Denmark – and we are committed to grow this number significantly in the future.

Developing projects onshore requires an-depth understanding of how projects can be embedded in local interests in a most optimal way. We have therefore developed our own concept of how to ensure a fair share to local value creation through our projects.

Part of our efforts to create local value is to ensure a clear route to market for our green energy. TOWII is engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the local and national business community to collaborate with power consumers.

P2X is the final key ingredient for European societies to create a fossil free future. This transition will again require numerous adaptions of our energy system. As a producer and developer of green power, we would like to take an active part in this transition process and be a partner for the hydrogen and green fuel industry.

We have both Danish and Japanese roots and are located in Vejle in the Triangle area of Denmark.

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